Cute Pies Bake Shop

Cutie Pies Bake Shop

Cutie Pies Bake Shop is a from scratch bake shop that focuses on mini pies and treats that can be mixed and match to provide optimum variety and satisfaction. Cutie Pies pays tribute to generations of women who used the best ingredients and did not compromise on quality. Everything is natural and completely scratch made.  Cutie Pies will take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen.

For 28 years, Bethany dedicated her life and career to caring for others as an elementary school principal. She is invested in this community.  She has spent the last three decades loving and inspiring underserved youth to think big and chase their dreams, telling them phrases like, “Be your best self”, “Hard work pays off” and “Nothing is out of reach with effort and inspiration.”  Having recently celebrated her 50th birthday, Bethany decided to chase her own dream and Cutie Pies Bake Shop was born.

Bethany was raised in a family of exceptional cooks and even better home bakers.  She and her husband Rick recall stories of freshly picked cherries for pie and meringue topping piled high on lemon curd. Bethany is a self-taught baker and learned most of what she knows from her mother-in-law, Jan, who came from a long line of scratch bakers.

Bethany will often kid with others stating that baking is her “love language.” While her career as an educator was so rewarding in so many ways, she now is being called to nurture people in a new and exciting way.

Bethany still has a strong desire to support young people and intends to give a portion of her proceeds back to teachers and underserved youth in St. Johns County. She also intends to employ young people to provide opportunities for them to learn and grow.